Public Intervention as a teaching/learning method departs from an interdisciplinary framework in which the travel of concepts and ideas from one field to another is encouraged and the social impact of academic knowledge production is a constant concern. Students are asked to design an experiment in public space in light of the theme and the readings of the course, which is followed by a group presentation in which students report their public intervention in class by using relevant theoretical and visual material. It is a pass/fail assignment, conducted by the students in small groups, attempting to trigger students’ imagination and creativity in order to translate theory into practice. Students are given detailed instructions to design their public intervention in small groups of 3-4, in which they interact with other people and with the urban space, organize a collective action/experiment outside classroom, which is followed by a report/presentation in class. The interventions attempt to find traces of theory in public space, as well as to analyse and intervene into public space with the help of theoretical tools, in a collective and interactive manner.

On this website, you will find examples of public interventions made by students in the courses Against Culture and Cultural Analysis: Case Studies as part of the Literary and Cultural Analysis Bachelor program. In the second semester of 2019-2020, new public interventions will be uploaded.